If you can’t sing in my language without mocking it, then don’t
Ricardo Mondolfi

Ok, so he's jokester and you're not, so what? That's how he is. Why is that offensive? He's an artist that's into that type of humor. You wrote this like if you didn't understand comedy or famous artists behavior. If you see a politician doing something like that during a serious event, then you should be offended and try to reach the community. NOT because of a stupid artist that is just trying to have fun and you decided to judge him and write an article on why you're offended when he was clearly making a fool out of himself for not knowing the lyrics and playing it cool. Oh wait, did you know his best friend is Puerto Rican? Did you know he was roasted by the best roasters and he took it all? Did you see the picture he uploaded that says Fuck You Post Malone as a prank? I guess not, that's just how he is and everybody should know that by now. Deal with it.

Also, do you realize how amazing it is that because of that remix, his fanbase now acknoledges more about Puerto Rico and it's artists??? Instead of you looking at the positive side of it you decided to boycott stupid jokes and get offended at doritos and burritos. There's true evil in the world and this is what you decide to boycott?! You're making the world a worst place by doing this and I wish you are the one getting boycotted. #GrowUp