Data is the main element in every project of the Startup Weekend in Artificial Intelligence. This article presents a top down view of some of the most important datasets sources available in the web.

Illustration of how organized data sets should look like

Google launched some months ago a dataset portal to find datasets hosted in three kinds of websites: an editor, a digital library or personal web pages. The link is the following:

Google dataset search:

This search engine provides organized access to free datasets that were previously difficult to find or whose existence was unknown. Some of the topics are environmental and social sciences, government data…

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System monitoring is important to understand the global performance of a machine. For instance, unix systems provide command lines tools like top, free or df. Which gives simple and accurate functionalities but it lacks of a global vision, like the one that that we can have in a dashboard.

This article will explains the components of a responsive dashboard system and how to easily deploy it using docker technology.


Let’s start with the presentation of the components of the stack.

Components of the stack: (Collectd + InfluxDB + Grafana) / Docker

Collectd is a daemon process that runs on the system…

The word Chatbot has been trending since 2016, when Facebook launched their messenger bots, and since then we’ve seen an increased interest in developing this new way of interaction with the technology.

The year 2017 has been the year were most companies wanted to use chatbots for automating processes. During the second Paris City AI event, we saw some examples such as a chatbot by France’s National Lottery games helping people to bet or the chatbot that assists people using an internal company FAQ. Throughout the year numerous proof of concept for chatbots projects were tested in companies to test…

Cristian Perez

PhD, Data Scientist

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