ITP Property Transfer Tax Percentages in Spain

Property Transmission Tax (ITP) When Buying A Second Hand Property In Spain

Cristian de la Torre
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Whenever a House is sold in Spain, the Buyer must pay a property tax.

- If the House is New IVA (VAT) is paid
- If It is a second hand property ITP (Transfer tax) is paid instead.

ITP letters stand for “Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales”.
For this tax to be applied, the property must be second hand, meaning a resale.
As I explained in another post If the house has not been sold before, and it´s new,
IVA (VAT) must be applied.
Main details about ITP tax are:

- Is is paid by the buyer.
- This percentage varies in each region of Spain. See list below.
- It is paid right after the signing in front of the Notary
- Each time a property is sold, it must be paid again.
- It´s a percentage of the property purchase price. but there is a minimum value for the property estimated by the Government.(*)

(*):About the last point, I mentioned this problem in a past post. It happens that sometimes we have to pay a percentage based in a higher value than the real purchase price.
This is important these days because we can buy properties with great discounts. This is described in the post about Excess in Taxes.

Below the percentages depending on the region you want to buy a Property:

- Alava: 6%
- Andalucía: 8, 9 or 10 % depending on the value
- Aragon: 7%
- Asturias: 8,9 or 10% depending on value
- Baleares: 8, 9 or 10 % depending on the value
- Bizkaia: 6%
- Canary Islands: 6,5%
- Cantabria: 8 or 10% depending on value
- Valencia: 10%
- Madrid: 7%
- Castilla La Mancha. 8%
- Castilla Leon. 7%
- Cataluña: 10%
- Comunidad Valenciana. 10%
- Extremadura: 8, 10 or 11%
- Galicia: 7%
- Guipuzcoa: 7%
- La Rioja: 7%
- Madrid: 6%
- Murcia: 7%
- Navarra: 6%

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