How To Maintain And Care For The Soapstone Countertops

Most people find it so difficult an overwhelming when it comes to selecting the materials to use in the kitchen and bathroom especially if they want something that is not only appealing but also long-lasting. Among the most popular and most prominent material used in the present day kitchens and bathrooms, the soapstone tile countertops come top of the list. They are the best and most suitable choice for anyone that aims at achieving a combo of beauty and durability of the home surfaces.

The overview of the features
Just like the other materials such as granite and marble, soapstone also comes from the ground and in the form of huge slabs. The only massive difference between soapstone and the other two is that while the latter is highly porous, the former if non-porous which explains why soapstone remains beautiful for a long time and does not readily stain as well. The countertops made from the material do note also damage easily as they are tough and therefore highly resistant to the damages that may result from acidic beverages, heat as well as cleansers and the food spillages. When they are exposed to extremely high amounts of heat, they tend to dent but do not chip or crack like the other countertops.

Cleaning guidelines
The methods of cleaning the soapstone countertops are the reason why they are in high demand and popular in many homes today. The regular scouring cleansers are among the most effective ways of doing away with any form of dirt and grime from the surfaces while on the other hand retaining its beauty and texture. The dishwashing soap and warm water can also come in handy and helpful when light soiling occurs. The dirt trapped in the corners can be removed by use of a soft toothbrush which is then wiped off by use of a soft cloth.

Regular care and maintenance
Mineral oil is usually applied after installation and then monthly for the first one year and then once in a while; every time water leaves dark spots on the countertops. The application of the oil is made by applying a light layer that is left to dry for about half an hour, and the excess is removed by wiping. It is also essential to note that most countertops absorb adequate lubricants after a year and the homeowner does not have to oil them from time to time. Visit this website here at

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