Do you ever witness having a guy have a temper tantrum? I have, way too many times and it has always been the same person every time. I recommend Tampax and some Midol. You know who you are.

The internet is not going to run any faster with you acting like you are in your terrible twos. You’re in high school. Regarding your tantrums, let me explain something. When people are talking and you aren’t in the conversation, do not even think you are helping anyone by throwing your opinion in. You are just making yourself look super desperate for friends, because you probably don’t have any at the moment….I wonder why? Hmmmm….

Making smarta** remarks about me under your breath isn’t a brilliant idea. Just know that you are not hurting anyone but yourself. Yes, i’m talking about your reputation. So please do keep making yourself look like an a**hole, i’m enjoying it. All of this will come back to bite you in the a**. Maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow, but it will….just wait. All I want to know is can you make up your d*mn mind. You are either friends with me or enemies with me. Choose one because you best believe I ain’t gonna sit around no more playing childish games with you. You’re in 11th grade, act like it!

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