Haha Just Stop

If you are going to try to talk about what happened in soccer, just stop. You are only talking about yourself thinking that you’re an expert at soccer. Like, forreal tho, I have never seen you even play a sport competitively in my life. So if you are going to tell me (someone who actually plays for TBUSC) that i’m wrong, research on how to play a recreational game at the least.

The goalie doesn’t always throw or kick the ball in when the ball goes out on the other team. Alec, Matt, (whoever) was actually supposed to perform a corner kick. But arguing with me “Oh..I used to play soccer, I would know”, all I have to say is I DEFINITELY see how much you know. So keep telling yourself you’re an expert player.

You need to stop thinking that i’m a dumba** (as you called me on instagram a day ago) and lying to my face. You know what THAT is?! That’s “elementary school sh*t” , does the truth hurt you that bad? No, I NEVER said that “I know everything or i’m an expert at everything.” Just know that when you say that about me, you are actually implying that i’m smart. So thanks.

After that game, you never roasted anyone, and no one cried, you were too upset to even stay in the classroom. And if this wasn’t directed towards me, take what I said into consideration anyways. So go ahead…bite me, you chihuahua.