How I Use Facebook

I probably don’t use Facebook properly. When I log in I immediately go through my Facebook feed, then look for cute boys, then…well..usually I find one. Then I stalk his page. Send him a friendly “hey” and log off. Weird but..ehh, whatever.

Everyone uses Facebook differently but I probably use it in one of the weirdest ways. I never really post anything or update anything much, I just stalk people. I don’t use Facebook nearly as much as I use Instagram. Instagram is a daily ritual for me.

Right when I get out of bed in the morning I immediately log into my account and scroll through my feed and then post a photo. Facebook is honestly annoying and I hate it but I need it to connect with some of my family. Instagram is where it’s at though. Facebook has lost its appeal to me as I’ve gotten older. If I could change anything about Facebook, I’d change the way the Messenger system was set up. Facebook has made it so that you HAVE to download the “Messenger” app or else you cannot message anyone at all. I think it’s unfair and it should be that you don’t have to download anything to talk to people.