Letting Go

Those two words bring back so many memories of things I have had to let go of in life. I have had to let go of some of my dogs, I thought that was painful at the time but compared to one huge thing that I’ve had to let go of in life, letting go if my dog was nothing. This is something that I finally feel that I can reveal to people and talk about it.

People ask me all the time, “Is that your mom?” The answer is no. The woman you see that works at KPHS and takes me home and everything is not my biological mom. That is my grandma, I was adopted by her because I got taken away from my parents by CPS because they always fought and it was a dangerous household sometimes.

That wasn’t the “letting go” part. When I was 5 my dad passed away from a overdose on pain meds. That was a VERY hard loss since he was always the one caring for me and not my mom. I took on his passion for fishing and hunting because I knew that is what he would’ve wanted.

When I was 11, right around April Fools day, my mom died. Her death wasn’t as hard to grasp because she wan’t around much. Her death was hard but not as hard as my dads. I am not going to disclose how she died due to guilt. Sorry for the suspense guys.