My Current Mood

So, Clemons. If your phone hasn’t told you already, I am in a blogging mood tonight. Which is rare. So enjoy it while you can. These blogs honestly bring out my deepest hatred sometimes. But i’m feelin’ myself tonight. I am honestly not one to be staring at a computer screen, I mean, I don’t even watch TV.

Apparently I am supposed to have a total of 27 blogs by October 23 or something like that. (You see how much I pay attention) I don’t even know where some of these blog topics are coming from but it’s whatever I guess. As I am typing this, at this very moment I am realising that this is already going downhill. I’m stuck….shoot, I don’t know what to talk about. Now i’m just narrating my thoughts. This should be interesting.

I’m really hungry now, I should probably go make some food. Hmmm.

THERE IS NO FOOD. Well, what do we have here? Canned clams. Lol NOPE.

I guess i’ll just go back to the computer and keep typing that blog. Oh wait, i’ve been here the whole time. I don’t even think we have canned clams. Let me go check.

Yes we do. I don’t know why but we do.

AGHHHH, YASSSS. #whenyourbrothercomeshomewithsubwayforyou

Leaves me in a thought for the night, why does my brother keep FORGETTING THE JALEPENOS!?!?!

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