My Favorite Color

My favorite color is and always had been Tiffany blue. The reasons why is a little weird but whatever. So, when I was younger and my sister was probably around 14 or 15 she always told me that I should like Tiffany blue because her first name is Tiffany. I kind of just stuck with it since then, but then I came to realize that I actually love that shade of blue. It’s a popping color but it’s calming too.

The color of the Lamborghini is Tiffany blue and i’m pretty sure I just fell in love with it. There is NO other shade of blue that can compare to it. It’s just too pretty. In my last house my recording studio, my room, and my bathroom were Tiffany blue. I haven’t gotten to paint my rooms in the house i’m in now, but i’m working on it.

If I could have everything that I look at in life be this color, life would be pretty awesome. I also want to legit give my BMW a paint job for Tiffany Blue with some pink pearlescent in it too. I also admit it, I have a tough tomboy side to me but I also have a super girly side too. One day I will shop in the boys section of a shop and the very next day I will shop at Victorias Secret.

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