My New Laptop

So I am pretty excited about it. Mostly because I will not have to use the gross school computers anymore. They are so germy and I hate how they lag so much. It is so annoying, I feel like punching them every time they do that. Every time you look at the keyboards, they are full of crumbs…gross.

I got a HP Streambook. It is a pretty rad computer because it comes in different colors, I got blue though. It is a small computer, just what I need so I can literally carry it anywhere. Plus, it is only 2 lbs! It is also known as the “generic MacBook Air” but the cheaper version. And not made by Apple. The thinness is crazy, it is like holding a super thin booklet.

They only cost like $300, and for how cheap it is. You do get your moneys worth out of it. The performance is outstanding, because it is a Windows based laptop. I already had some credit from a recent refund at Sams Club which was $148, plus some coupons. So I only paid $102 for this awesome laptop. I would recommend it to anyone who is either tight on money or is looking for an technologically advanced computer.