My (not)Last Blog

This is finally my 27th blog!!! (Insert celebration here) After being yelled at by my mom and pepped talked by Mr.Clemons, I finally got around to it. Because obviously I do not want to fail at all. I do not like blogging, but her. You got to do what you got to do. Anyways I could not be any more excited.

As I am writing this, I realize that I only have eight minutes left till the deadline so I am typing as fast as I possibly can.

My Soon To Be New Puppy

Well, I have not picked one out yet but I am so looking forward to getting another dog soon! I love puppies so much it is so crazy. The way they stumble around and the playfully bite you, lick you all over and lets not forget that “new puppy smell!” AMAZING! I currently have a dog of my own right now (Maddie) and she will be turning seventeen soon, she was boon the same year as me, but a few months before me. So she is a little ahead of the game. Lets be honest though, she will eventually pass away and it will be almost cruelty to my feelings to lose her because I grew up with her my whole life. Sad thinking about it already.

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