My Past Weekend

This past weekend has been the toughest for me and my family. Between losing your supposed “best friend” to finding out your grandmothe has breast cancer. Between crying because you have been betrayed to crying for my grandmother, it has been a rough time lately. I can’t explain how much stress I am under currently.

Losing your supposed “bff” is not how I wanted to spend my weekend by having mixed emotions of anger and sadness. Crying mixed with rage is the WORST feeling I have ever encountered. I do not want to endure that ever again. It resulted in a hole in my wall then curling up in a ball and wondering what I did wrong. Truth is, nothing. I did nothing to deserve what I got. Rumors, crap talking, faking being a friend. All horrible things that I did not deserve.

Some “legal” problems were encountered but I kept my cool and let it go. I did not want to stoop to her level of immaturity. In the end, she took it into her own hands and formally apologized to my mother and wrote me an apology letter. But something was still missing, the question of “what was the reasoning behind all of the rudeness? Jealousy? I do not know but I would like to.

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