My Secret Passion, Addiction, and Obsession

I may not seem to be the type of person you’d guess that would say #ComicConislife. But it is. I plead guilty. From Teen Titans Go! to Scooby Doo. I’m obsessed with it all. I would say you’d most likely walk in on me curled up in bed, with food, drinks, and binge watching Teen Titans Go! or The Amazing World Of Gumball. One of those two.

Yes, call me nerd. I love the nerd life. I’m a gamer myself. I play mostly any gaming console you can think of. And yes, I still play Nintendo 64. Most girls don’t even come close to my rankings in most games. I’m not like some of them either who only play one or two games, I play literally too many to remember.

I remember when I was younger, when I had just first started gaming. I got the first Xbox that came out. I remember the struggle of having to leave it on for weeks because I didn’t know you had to buy memory cards. That was not the struggle though, it was when my mom unplugged it to plug in the vacuum. Ugh, the struggle was real.

Gaming and cartoons have changed so much, I do miss the old hand drawn looking cartoons but I am growing fond of the HD looking ones nowadays. Gaming has improved from quality to new consoles. I’m in love with my Xbox One but I noticed not too many people like it themselves. Oh well.

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