“You Have Breast Cancer”

The last words you ever want to here is that you have breast cancer. I just learned yesterday that my grandmother has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I support breast cancer awareness but now I support it even more because someone I love has been diagnosed with it.

It was very hard to hear that news. It must have been even worse being that person who has been diagnosed. I can’t even imagine the amount of stress that has to put on you. Today I had to leave school early because I had to go to the hospital to see her.

Today she was scheduled for a mastectomy. Which is when they remove one or both affected breast(s). Sounds painful right? I’m sitting by her side as I am writing this blog. I can’t image the physical and emotional pain she is in right now. It would probably drive me insane, but if it’s to save my life, I would go through the pain.

This has affected the family in many ways but not in all bad ways. We’ve all come closer to each other, more love has been brought throughout all of us, and the support for one another is more than it has ever been.

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