Take off that mask.

The humble opinion of a great dreamer

By 15-year-old Cristina Marquez Aldrete

We all have dreams that we want to fulfill, goals that we want to achieve and goals that we want to score; But, who really propose it to himself honestly? Those who wake up in the morning and say: today I am going to fulfill my dreams, I am going to enter the race of life and I am not going to leave until I have achieved my goal.

You may be one of those persons, and if so, it seems to me that you have a resolved life and probably what you will read will mean nothing to you. But if not, well, start thinking about when you will let your life really begin, because if you do not follow your dreams, if you do not do what you like the most, or when opportunities come to you, you do not take them out of fear, stress, pressure , or for any other reason that prevents you; you’re not going to get the most out of your life. What are you waiting for? For the wind to blow and out of nowhere you have a new life that you have always wanted, but you were afraid that when you start chasing it you will twist your ankle. Things do not come by themselves. EVERYONE, no matter under what circumstances we were born, grew up, or currently live, we ALL must work hard to get what we want. We must think outside the box. And not only think, get out of it, take it in one hand and yell at it with all you might, “I don’t have to be inside you because I don’t let life control me, but I’m the one who controls life.” If you do that, you will achieve your goal because you think differently from others, you will not have to belong to the bunch, and you can make a difference.

How do you think we got to where we are? We don’t have cell phones, buildings, companies, and many other things just because people were carried away. NO, it was because some people said, “I don’t like this”, “I don’t agree”, “I think differently” and since others didn’t listen to them, they decided to take charge and make people listen to them.

The rules of the game of life were very simple: you are born, you grow, you reproduce, and you die. It was not difficult for them to follow them, however, for a person of a million, it was not enough, and he said we can do more. From there, the world’s population was divided into two: those who work hard, pursue their ideals and make change possible, regardless of the cost; and those who take the simple path of just letting go of the pile and following the original rules of the game.

Dreamer people have changed these rules, they have risen from the crowd of monotonous souls that take up space and have made humans worthwhile. From changes such as that the opinion of the people is asserted in front of their government to changes such as that equality between men and women in all aspects may be possible.

Fulfilling a dream takes time, sacrifices, dedication and above all perseverance. This is because someone can say “today I am going to express my talent to everyone starting with this”, and days later he is seen doing something totally different. But in his mind, he is regretting that he cannot do it. When a person does not achieve something, they blame themselves by thinking very pessimistically and believing that they do not have the ability or thinking that they are inferior to others. But those kinds of thoughts are what form a mask to hide the truth, which is fear. Fear is the main component required to stop someone from doing something, it is the barrier that stands in front of the dreamer. He stops it completely, but this dreamer has to decide whether to listen to fear and lower his head in order to become part of this purposeless crowd again or raise his head higher than ever, and face fear face to face to say “You do not dominate me ”and demonstrate to others that you have overcome that emergency brake that everyone has in a way as simple as it is just stepping on the accelerator even harder.

If we stop to think about it, at the beginning of our lives, we all have the goal of becoming someone. And do we reach it? Not all, since some of us give up on the road, or we decide to take a break believing that everything will continue its course when we resume it. Although deep down we know that it is not true. Things change over time, the world evolves, advances, and brings us unexpected results. As in the story of the turtle and the hare, the hare participated in a speed race against the turtle, at first glance one would believe that the hare would obviously win, but when the hare had the advantage, he decided to stop to take a break, time passed and things took a different course because in that time the turtle reached and passed the hare making it lose in its own game. The rules never changed, what changed was the situation.

In that example, would the situation have been different if the hare had not stopped?

Let us imagine that the hare is you, and the turtle is life. When you are born, you have the advantage because you have a complete life to go, full of dreams, opportunities, goals and above all, time to achieve them. But if you do not use that advantage, you stop, and you reject the opportunities; life will begin to draw closer. For each mistake you make, you learn a lesson, but one thing is just learning and another very different thing is assimilating, understanding, deepening, reviewing and finally learning.

For each false step you take, you will fall behind and life will take one step closer to you so that when you give up or trust yourself too much, she can reach you, take everything from you and take charge of something that belonged to you. In this sense. Who would seem to have the advantage? You or life? If every step back you take, life takes twice as many steps forward. I know what you will think. What chance do we have to beat him? Although in reality, in that you are wrong, in that we are all wrong because, even if you take a step back and life is getting closer to reaching you, you will always follow a million steps forward. Or at least that is the job we signed up for at birth. Not to polish someone else’s car or to adjust the wheels, but to get on it and drive it as high as you can; without finding limits. Just you and what was his name? Ooh right, LIFE.

What? Yes, you read well. The point of all this is not to turn you against your own life. Nor to make you live it as fast as you can or that you think you are in an infinite race against such a singular opponent. The point is that from all this you find the true formula to achieve success:

You + your life + your decisions + your dreams + your achievements = Your happiness

Did you notice a pattern? It does not depend on anyone else, just you, you, you, and you because nobody else will solve it for you.

How does that sound? It seems complicated, and it is. But if we manage to overcome those barriers that we face, if we manage to jump all the stones with which we could trip or if we manage to avoid all the bullets that were thrown at us with the only objective of knocking us down. So that’s when the things change.

We all have a battle to deal with inside, that’s why our favorite garment is a mask, the one already mentioned; that shows a perfect life, that hides our deepest secrets, that hides the imperfections of our life and keeps the demons with whom we carry day by day caged. We decide with whom to take off that mask and with whom not. That is why we do not allow people to know us as we are, because we believe that, if so, they will also have to deal with our battle and probably will not resist it. Which brings us back to our worst enemy, which we have been complaining about for two and a half pages. The fear. We all wear that mask because we are afraid to show ourselves as we are and not be accepted, because we are afraid to commit a person to stay and love us when we are not even sure that we love ourselves.

Fear is the reason the game ends so fast. Because nobody knows it perfectly, or because nobody knows how to face it like that, without detours. There are video games in which several players face each other and who wins is the strongest, which no one can defeat. Even so, the winner rises to his throne and there is no one to lower it until someone arrives who is willing to face it and if he succeeds, he gains control of everything that his opponent owned; but if not, he sticks to living by his rules until he finds an opportunity to face him again.

Imagine that your life is that video game, and that the one who is currently sitting on the throne controlling your life is fear. Your duty is to get it down from there and understand that fear has two faces. On the one hand, there is the face of light, which takes care of you and guides you along the roads without danger; that face that appears every time you are in a risky situation and prevents you from getting hurt. On the other hand, there is the cold face, full of darkness that appears every time we try to make a change in life or every time an opportunity appears; that is the face that gives us the feeling of doubt and makes us unsure of what surrounds us and often even of ourselves. We must go down to fear with both sides of the throne and we must sit on it. Take control of what belongs to us and choose when it is good to show each of those faces.

By controlling fear, we control the paths our life takes, and we have the opportunity to choose the answers to each of the choices that appear in it to our liking. You decide how you play. Would you rather go to battle inexperienced, without resources and with no chance of winning? Or you prefer to acquire that experience, seek, and get the necessary resources to get to the battle with the only purpose of being the winner.

You choose your path.

You get to choose the decisions you make.

Take your mask off. Enjoy life. Be you regardless of others. Be happy. BE DIFFERENT because that is what makes you special.

It is your duty to change your history; absolutely erase every word from the book of your life, except for those that say make a change. And you will.

Raise your head from the multitude of monotonous souls without purpose or direction and make yourself noticed, make a difference.

Let’s do it. Start living!



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Cristina Márquez Aldrete

Cristina Márquez Aldrete

Teen ager, student and writter who wants to make a difference by expresing her opinion.