I’m An Ex-Google Woman Tech Leader And I’m Sick Of Our Approach To Diversity!
Vidya Narayanan

Sadly you are all wrong!

I come from a culture where you cannot choose your own path. Eastern Europe during Communism.

We have one of the smallest “gender gap” in the world, and one of the highest number of full time women workers ratio. Our women in leadership ratio will put Sweeden to shame, and rightfully so! We have wonderful women programmers, women in tech, women researchers, and so on…

We are what feminists may call “the perfect society”… but all this is fading away.

All these statistics fade day by day. Not because “sexism” or “historical barriers”, we have none of them. But because women have options now!

During the communism we had almost no “liberal arts” colleges and universities, and the communists hated the idea of “unproductive intellectuals”. Everyone must become an engineer or a doctor! There is nothing else (except factory worker and collectivist farmer).

Today girls and women have OPTIONS. Many of them go into FASHION, many of them choose to stay at home, or work less demanding jobs and have more free time. Plenty start singing or acting, as our music industry is booming…

Today you can barely find 1 in 40 girls in STEM fields, while during communism the ratio was 24% or even higher in chemistry.

You can google for yourself. It is called the “gender equality paradox”. 
The more free a country it is, the more gender segregated will become!

Because if you give people OPTIONS they will TAKE THEM!
What you are trying to do is to LIMIT WOMEN’S OPTIONS by enforcing a single path! Just as our Communists did!
Did it work? YES! Manipulation and indoctrination WORKS!
Did it help women? NO! As soon as the oppressive manipulation was destroyed most women wanted to become FEMININE and to live AS WOMEN not as men!

What do you do now?
You are forcing your girls to limit themselves to one domain… just because “it pays better”? What? A field that can be outsourced en masse?

The western world is blind. They chase the money, but by the time your girls will finish their education… 15–20 years from now, the money rich sector will change, and they will be trapped in a poor payed highly demanding easily outsourced field!

You guys should stop forcing people to do whatever you want!
This is exactly what communists do!

Let people choose! And try to respect their choices, even if they lead (as they should!) to inequality!

We are born different, we want different things, we are not clones or robots! We are not mindless zombies that must be programmed by the state to do crappy shitty jobs, we must choose our own path!

Who said “equality” is good?
Why can’t we just stop pretending that “equality” is anything but another nice communist PR stunt?

Talk with an Eastern European and you will understand how some people are far far more happy and fulfilled without equality, and how forcing them to conform to a set standard in the name of equality made them miserable!

Your children are the most valuable resource. Give them OPTIONS not INDOCTRINATION! Everyone can be forced to become a pianist, or a medic, or a programmer… just by chopping off their own personality, dreams and desires you can make children do whatever you want!

And this is what feminists do to girls today! Chopping their femininity and personality off until they can fit in a fake male stereotype (that even males despise).

Think about the future, give them freedom to choose their own way.