Yes, but I want to be careful of that classification.
Vidya Narayanan

why do you claim that the environment is hostile? Do you have any hard data supporting this outrageous assumption?
Do you know that Iranian girls favor STEM fields more than boys?
Are you aware that they live in a very very hostile environment?

How can you explain the “gender paradox”? The more free the society the more gender segregated the occupations will become?

All free societies including Sweeden are hostile towards women in STEM? The entire planet?

Aren’t you projecting your own insecurities upon an entire field of education without any proof?

Can you explain how can you have 55% women in “liberal arts and gender studies” and still aim to reach parity in STEM?

How can you enforce women to give up on teaching where they hold an impressive 88% of all positions and start working in STEM?

Are you willing to militate for less liberal arts classes for women and more mandatory STEM ones?

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