McNally Jackson Books in the Time of Corona — how you can help

“What about McNally Jackson is irreducible? It’s certainly not the current space, which is a shoddy building that was thrown up over a former chicken abattoir. The soul of McNally Jackson is the books and the booksellers.” -Sarah McNally to Gothamist, October 2018

Yesterday McNally Jackson Books laid off nearly 80 booksellers in anticipation of the revenue loss to come from closing the sales floors during the COVID-19 pandemic. These employees will be paid through the end of this week and keep their insurance benefits through the end of the month. For nearly all of them the loss of income and health benefits is going to be catastrophic, and there is an immediate and urgent need to get their living costs covered.

As a part of your efforts to support indie bookstores, please consider financially supporting these booksellers directly. Donations made here will be divided among and immediately distributed to the unemployed booksellers.

Please also continue to support McNally Jackson (and all indie stores) through this shutdown and beyond with your online purchases (you can buy a McJ gift card for future use here). In order to get their jobs back as planned they need to have jobs to come back to.

Email with any questions or concerns.

The soul of McNally Jackson is the books and the booksellers. Solidarity forever.

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