Look at my collection of erasers
James O'Malley

Generally, people who like to travel, collect objects to help them remember their trips. So I guess you like to travel. I was surprised to see your collection, because I have never seen anyone collecting erasers and I have never noticed them in tourist’s shops, although I like to visit them. I have been in England twice but they never caught my attention. I like to travel and I also collect objects from the places I visit. I collect magnets. I was surprised to find a magnetic bookmark when I have visited York and I thought that is a more practical object to collect.

It would have been nice to see the Eiffel Tower eraser and the Science Museum eraser you talk about. I enjoyed seeing your collection but I am not going to collect erasers, I don’t like to collect something to keep in a box or something that gets easily dusty. I like to see my collection. All my magnets are on the fridge so I see them every day.

Thank you for showing your collection!

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