Dear Universe,

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Take me in the direction 
in which I can do the most good

Bring me to that place
where energy and creativity flow

Somewhere far from here
where life is stagnant and dull

Lead me to the path 
that I cannot yet see

In the midst of the detritus 
of past choices and dead ends

I don’t yet know what I am looking for
but looking, indeed I am

And just when I think I’ve caught a glimpse
I’m spun around again

So am I close? Is it near?
Will I see it through my fear?

Will you be there to catch me
sweet Universe,
if I jump?

*A Note: As the eloquent and admirable Aura Wilming recently shared, I too have lost touch with my Mojo. Coincidentally, I am doing a lot of soul searching and ‘tuning in’ these days. Through this work, I am learning that I lose my creative drive when I fall down the rabbit hole of insecurity and ‘not-enoughness’. I get so overwhelmed by my own perceived inadequacies that I don’t know where to start. I fret over a desire to manipulate words perfectly and given the inaccessibility of perfection, I often fail to even begin. So I am hitting Publish, even though I know full well this is by no means a complete or near-perfect piece. And boy, does it feel good.