Tonight, I Will Remember You


Tonight I will remember you as that boy with the backwards Lakers baseball cap, begging me to let you be my first kiss. Tonight I will remember you as the same self-assured man that walked back into my life, grabbed my hand, 
and declared “now is the time”.

Tonight I will remember you as the first person to take me there
I will remember the way you coaxed my body back to life, the way you put my over-worked mind to rest. I will remember the first time you spread me open, gently pressing past my inhibitions with caution and determination. 
I will remember the way you made my soul vibrate, my heart race, and my 
back arch.

Tonight I will remember how perfect it felt to let go. I will remember how 
it felt to fall asleep with our legs intertwined, your arm across my waist, my back against your chest, enveloped by the perfect proportions of your body and mine, and how I fit just right. I will remember your breath, 
warm with sleep, against my neck.

Tomorrow, when I wake, I will remember just how heavy your absence feels. I will remember the weight of emptiness. Tomorrow I will remember that you are no longer mine, and that you are waking up, half a block away, maybe alone, maybe not. Tomorrow I will remember how nights like last night meant everything to me and nothing to you.

Music — On Repeat