You quite obviously have never suffered nerve pain — not necessarily neuropathy — tho that is also…
Focus Blue

You make a good point. There are pains due to severe damages to tissues in the body that (as of right now) I don’t believe we can heal with wishful thinking. Let me also reassure you that I don’t believe in military style — mind over matter — beating your body into submission kind of think.

I know pain. Lived with it for over 16 years. Tried everything and wanted to quit … it all… several times.

What has worked for me is based on the repressed emotions = tension in the body = oxygen deprivation to certain tissues = pain.

The way Dr Sarno explained the mechanics of pain, made sense and my left hemisphere was happy enough with the logical (physiology + study based) explanation to give it a serious try. I combined it with all the other hundreds of books, tools, courses that I’ve tried through the years and the process that I came up with has worked miracles for me… and others that I showed my process to. For the ones who want to try, I’d say, start with Dr. Sarno’s “The MindBody Prescription” book.

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