My Support of Hillary Clinton and My Role as a Superdelegate
Earl Blumenauer

Those are vague and not very explicit reasons for supporting Hillary, Rep. Blumenauer. I’m one of your contituents. As you know, Portland loves Bernie Sanders. And with good and very explicit reasons. My number one reason for not supporting Hillary is her vote on the Iraq War. She voted for that war and Bernie Sanders voted against it. I did not support that war and followed the “evidence” through such trustworthy news agencies as Nation Magazine. It was quite apparent that the public was being fed false and misleading information. I cannot support Hillary for not doing her due diligence and following the evidence trail, as any interested citizen could do who knew how to research the Internet and sort the propaganda and lies from the truth. Hillary is considered a hawkish Democrat. Further, Hillary’s ties to Wall Street are concerning to me. I was never a fan of Bill Clinton and I do not see much difference in the politics between Hillary and Pres. Clinton.

I just received in the mail today, the “Official Democratic Presidential Strategy Survey.” I did not find that it included the Student Debt Crisis, and further it offered old strategies for lowering student debt–strategies that do not get to the heart of the issue. The Democratic party seems more interested in maintaing the status quo, when the public demands extraordinary change. The Democratic party has lost touch with the the middle class and issues that concern Baby Boomer seniors and the upcoming generation of Millennial voters, who will, by 2020, make up 40% of voters in this country. Bernie Sanders speaks to the issues that most concern not only Liberal Baby Boomers, but the Progressive Millennials.

We do not appreciate that the media has framed Hillary as the next president. We do not appreciate the way Debbie Wasserman Schultz has run the DNC. We do not appreciate the voting irregularities that have occurred in such liberal bastions as NYC, where voters were purged; where voters affiliations have been switched without their knowledge. We do not appreciate that our representatives and our governor would cast their super delegate votes in opposition to the voting public’s choice.

You were elected to represent your constituents here in Portland, not patronize us with your so-called desire to “lead” us. Pay attention to what your constituents are saying. Let your vote reflect the the people’s choice.