Norms Breaching Project


The purpose of this experiment was to break a social norm. The norm I chose to break was over sharing with people. The instructions was to pick two or three people, one person you don’t know that well or a family member. In a 24 hour period you had to increase the amount of information you send the person by texting them. I picked a girl from my floor I didn’t know that well, another girl from my floor I knew and my cousin/best friend from back home. I started texting random things I was doing to see how they responded. It was interesting to see how the person I didn’t know well didn’t respond and my friends responded but were definitely confused by what I was sending them. I discovered that my close friends even though were confused responded but in the end never responded to my last text.


To start my experiment the first thing I did was to select the people I was going to be texting. I picked two close friends; my cousin/best friend from back home and a friend in the floor I live. Also I chose another girl from my floor that is a friend of a friend. I texted them in different days and for a day because in the end they didn’t respond to my texts. The girl that is a friend of friend I wrote to her via Facebook but never responded. I decided to write them really random things which confused them more so it was funny to read their reactions or any at all.


The first person I texted was the friend of a friend from my floor. I talked to her through Facebook but never responded.

The second person I texted was my cousin/best friend from back home. I started by texting her something really random and she got really confused.

We are both from Puerto Rico so it was weird to be texting her all in English.

<- In translation: “Cristina I know it’s not you”

She didn’t believe it was me because I was speaking in English and obviously because I was writing weird things so in the end she never responded.

The third person I texted was a friend from my floor. I texted her the same thing as the one before because I wanted to see how she would react to the message.

She thought I was drunk which is really funny so I went along with it but then she never texted me back.


From the results of my experiment, you can see how over sharing with people and telling them everything your doing is kinda weird and people will feel uncomfortable. Some feel so uncomfortable or confused that they didn’t even respond and just ignored my messages. Everybody knows that people don’t just text random things without any explanation or reason. For example in my experiment I just texted them that I was taking shower.

After doing this experiment I have learned the importance of social norms online and if they are broken how will people react to them. If you break a social norm it will only affect your image and how other people will think of you.