Published The Breeders POD Album Review

By Cristina Munoz

This morning I decided to pull out my dusty, black folder from my study which has all my published and completed work in it, and out popped the above cut out of an album review I wrote about The Breeders Debut album POD for Beat Magazine in Melbourne.

I started writing album reviews for Beat when I was 21 and was just as, if not even more passionate about music, especially Alternative Music so I also used to host with a friend a show called ‘Solid Pleasure’ on the 3RRR Graveyard Shift every Sunday night.

The POD review I wrote in 1990 when I was 22.

Often I’d have to write reviews for some obscure, not very well known bands who I was not into at all. Bands like the Dead Can Dance , or Galaxy 500…yes exactly, Galaxy 500 who? <laughing>

So being a HUGH Pixies fan, as in ‘I wore the T-Shirts’ and ‘own all their albums’, type of fan, to hear the coolest girl in Alternative music Kim Deal from The Pixies started her own All-Girl Band The Breeders was like…well…it was like a musical orgasm to me.

At Beat, you had to be very quick, before another writer got to the album you wanted to review before you, so GETTING to be the one to write the review for The Breeders Debut Album POD was like… was like a musical multiple orgasm to me.

Seeing THE review you wrote of the Breeders POD, cut out and stuck on the bright orange cover of the Breeders POD Vinyl Record at AuGoGo Records, your most highly regarded and respected City Record store, was like…well…it was like the ULTIMATE, with a Soulmate Multiple Musical Orgasm.

I can’t be objective about my own work however after reading my review of POD for the first time since 1990 it makes me want to listen to the album again, so I guess it does what it’s supposed too.

Hint hint…

(C) Copyright Cristina Munoz, 2016