Life, a four letter word, used everyday in every sentence. The strongest word used as frequently as a “hello”. Easy to use, hard to go through. With a meaning that makes you think deeply, but at the same time confuses you with its multiple shortcuts and roller coaster curves. Is it too early in life to start writing this essay? Maybe, but the lessons I have learned and the ones to come will be such, that my mind will collapse in the attempt to remember them all, four years from now.

As you must know, we all have a life of our own. We all live in the now of this world, forgetting our pasts and building our futures, regretting our sins, and creating immeasurable memories. All of us, humans, imperfect, but perfect to God, destroyers of our own creations and builders of our own destructions. “Lost” in a dark paradise, camouflaged by the vain innovations of this world. “I am a believer. I love God with all my heart.” Two phrases rarely used nowadays. Why? I don’t know, I am still searching for a concrete answer in a sea of screaming voices. In a world manipulated by evil and sin. Stop. Think. Is it our fault? The wars, the hurt, the pain, the hunger, the deaths? Maybe, we are all starters if it all.

Disrespect, hate, envy, manipulation, power, obsession, luxury, wealth, desire and dishonesty took this world from peace and love to hate and war. “One day” they said “all of this will end” and World War 2 had just begun. It ended for some time, just to gain power. To come back and encounter a weak, confident world that thought they were invincible without a God. But this thing that we call life hit us hard. It showed us its power, and defeated every single warrior the world had put up.

Did we learn? Are we humble, respectful, caring, loving, honest or even positive? Some, we could say, have been saved from the deceitful destiny that others have already confronted. Martin Luther King Jr. once said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that” See, he uses the word love, maybe because he really felt it. because If you lie you cannot love, if you envy you cannot love, if you are resentful you cannot love, if you forgive but never forget you cannot love, if you hurt in any way you cannot love. Do you see? Love is the base of this world; The gas for the engine that triggers all your actions, all your words and all your thoughts. Do you get it? We are missing love. Because we hate so much we can’t love and the only cure for hate is love. Are you willing to love each other? to love the stranger beside you? to love your enemy? to love your one and only creator? are you ready to love God? Because we can end war, hunger, and we, yes you and I, can make hate vanish from the face of this world. We can turn life into our friend, and never again our enemy. Today we need to stop this tragedy that we ourselves are creating. An agony, called life that we are choosing to design and carry on our backs. But no more. Stop. Act. You can change life. Not only yours but others. You can make a change and inspire change. You can turn life into a piece of pie, into a long road trip you want to experience, or even into the most beautiful story a person can ever read. No broken hearts because of falsehood, or hunger because of the lack of generosity. No more intrigues or doubt because of the absence of God. Love and Life, two enemies because we have chosen for them to be enemies. Look at yourself. Where are you? Are you in the best stage of your life? Are you successful at your school or at your job? But, in your loneliness are you happy? Happy with who you are? With who you have become? Are you happy with the way you love? Take notice because the answer might be no, but our own pride did not let us see it until now. Open your eyes. We need to stop killing this world with the way we live, with the way we act, and with the way we vaguely love.

No one ever said it would be easy, no one ever said it would be fun, but peace will never come easy. So, are you ready to leave this room, with a defiant heart, a heart that will conquer every single destroyed soul, a heart that will build happiness and that will destroy desolation? Are you ready to leave this room and genuinely love?

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