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Wk 9 — Art Activity -Student Choice, part 2

2.) my original vision was creating a digital drawing using software but had to do physically draw instead since my computer was having issues

3.) It differs in it being drawn with pencil rather than digitally

4.) I think the project was still decent since I did my best to complete it .

5.) My project got better in it being drawn since I have less experience drawing digitally and still somewhat new to it.

6.) I was just attempting to draw something related to nature that I would admire. I think I did my best to be able to show this

7.) If I could do this project again I would attempt to do it digitally and see how it compares to the physical one. I think the outcomes would be different but I’d still enjoy both.

Wk8 -Art Activity -Student Choice part 1

1.) what I plan to do is use some 3d software to create an image of plants or anything nature related.

2.) I want to do this since I enjoy viewing nature and admiring it. Id like to try to do a virtual image since I have not done something like this is in some time . I’d like to see how well I could do this and I think it would be interesting to see how the end result will be.

3.) I will need a computer and a 3d modeling program to be able to complete an image .

4.) The concerns I have is if I will have enough time since I think it may be a long time consuming process

Week 8 artist Joseph DeLappe and Micol Hebron

Artist: Micol Hebron

Media: mixed media

The artist Micol Hebron is an American artist in Southern California. Her work when it comes to art portrays feminist activism. Micol Hebron studied visual arts in the university of San Diego and graduated from UCLA with a masters in fine arts.

One of the art work that she worked on was called the burning bush. This was a 24x36 poster that had a scroll that emerged from the poster. The scroll read percentages of the amount of women in Whitney Biennials. The color of this art work is mainly black and white. However, it is brightly colored orange towards the area where the scroll is located. …

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