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D-3, Friday, 13-May-2016
  • 5am. Car. More car. Train. Metro. Airplane. Yey Milano! Oh shit we don’t have a place to sleep. Airbnb, yay a place to sleep. 5pm. Wow Navigli!
Milano (3 nights)
  • Holy shit! All the beautiful people are in Milano. Please marry me. Duomo, Parco Sempione, Castello Sforzesco, walk walk walk. More beautiful people. Milano is expensive as hell!
  • “Do we have our tickets?” “You have the tickets, right?”. Get in the train. Shit this is full, no seats for everybody, we’ll be kicked out… No sign of ticket control. Hello Verona!
Verona (2 nights)
  • Horse meat is a thing in Verona? Dahell…? Arena! Walk walk walk. Free hugs. No night life? Ok… It seems Italy, not only Milano, is expensive as hell.
Venice (1 day)
  • Boats. And buildings on water. Free hugs. Beautiful Scottish girl singing and playing guitar that ran in my direction for a hug (well two..). Shitload of tourists.
Trip to Bled
  • Cool people that have travelled a lot and have the ability to fall asleep in the cold street in 3 seconds. Nice to have met you! “sleep” at train station. 5am. Train. 7am. Udine. 9am. Villach. Cities in the mountains! #breakfastinaustria. Jessenice. Don’t know what time and space is anymore. Bled. Wrong train, wrong side of the lake. Taxi. Right side of the lake.
Bled (1 night)
Ljubljana (2 nights)
  • Still no place to stay for the night. Hostels are full. Let’s check AirBnB again. Cool a nice and cheap place. Ćevapčići is a blessing from the gods! Our host is Portuguese and awesome (Thank you)! Metelkova City! Relax. Free hugs. Enjoy.
Zagreb (1 night)
  • Erm… City break … Museum of Broken Relationships.
Trip to Split
  • 6am. Train. Wait… No train. Bus - Rally Croatia 2016 on a bus, Stage 1 (Zagreb-Gračac). When I say rally, I mean bus driving way too fast in roads not very large nor mantained. Locked in a — not moving — train for 2 hours. Train is moving. Beautiful landscape. Lost my Free hugs sign :’(
Split (2 nights)
  • Godammit rain. Canadians, Koreans and madness Mondays. Lost in the rain at 3am. Diocletian’s Palace. Marina. You think Bačvice is a beach…?
Trip to Dubrovnik
  • Rally Croatia 2016 on a bus, Stage 2 (Split-Dubrovnik). Not sure how I’m still alive... And a lot of talk about Game of Thrones, don’t know why.
Dubrovnik (2 nights)
  • Oh… King’s Landing! Old Town is so freaking beautiful! City Walls! Banje is closer to what we call a beach in Portugal. More Ćevapčići!
We gotta catch a plane
  • 10pm. Ferry to Bari. 1pm. Train to Rome. 6pm. Rome, rain and cold. City Sightseeing tour. Sleep. 5am. Transfer. Ciampino Airport. Plane. Portugal. 29-May-2016.

Interrail in numbers
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