The Remedies That Work For Different Situations

Christy Chup
Dec 8, 2017 · 2 min read

When someone has athlete’s foot, their feet have a fungal infection, have a lot of pain and the area that is infected does not look good. The term, Athlete Foot is due to the actual bacteria that is spread on gym equipment, gym floor and showers. It is advised that while in the gym you should always have your flip-flops on when in the locker room or in the shower. In this discussion we will see if it is true Vicks treats fungus on feet or whether it is a myth.

There Is No Fun In Fungus On Toe Nails

Tinea pedis is the ringworm that attacks feet. If you notice your feet are peeling, scaling, flaking this is a sign that you have athlete’s foot. Another indicator spelling if you have tinea pedis is if your feet are dry and you have red soles. There are cheap and natural solutions which are the preference of most people who are infected with tinea pedis and they do not go for expensive over the counter drugs. Know the uses for rubbing alcohol here!

There Is A Natural Remedy For Toenails Fungus

There are home cures that are made available for treatments for athlete’s foot. Putting water in a basin and adding a small amount of vinegar is one of the Wise Owl Remedies recommended as well as hydrogen peroxide where it is recommended that you apply on the infected feet until such time you notice the infection reducing.

Treating Nail Fungi

The other solution that is viable is if the use of Vicks Vapor-rub will help in answering the commonly asked question of, does vicks heal fungi on foot. Many homes believe that Vicks Vapo-rub only treats sore throats, coughs and allergies.

Some people believe to keep a cold away, if you eat a full spoon of Vicks. Persons infected with tinea pedis would as a result be advised to eat a chunk of vicks to also keep the bacteria away. Applying the infected nail with a thick spread of Vicks vapor-rub and then wrapping the nail with some cotton wool and leaving it for hours is the process that is commonly recommended.

After applying it with a thick spread of vicks vapor rub you are supposed to leave it for a few hours. It is recommended that you repeat the process morning and evening until you see the infection start to disappear. Sometimes the nail is said to discolor and this is the only side effect which should be alarming at all. Results should be noticed after a week if the process is followed to the letter.

Using vicks vapo-rub in homes is still being used despite the scientists findings. To learn more about home remedies, go to