The Cat is Out of the Bag

I wonder where this saying came from. Isn’t it strange that we use these old sayings all of the time and probably rarely know the “back story”. Let’s hope it ended well for the cat!

So yesterday when I was working with Twa’s mom and aunt in the field, they pointed at my wedding ring, with question mark looks on their faces, and so it goes. I told them I was married and that I had one daughter who was 18 and I motioned that she was very tall compared to me. Side note: Have an told you how tall this country makes me look, lol? So they thought that was great and now we have one more thing in common. Fast forward to dinner time. Two worker men have joined us for dinner; they have been working hard helping Ti with farm repairs. These guys look a little rough around edges and are not making a lot of eye contact with me. They bring out a ridiculous amount of beer and start drinking it out of a pitcher, I join them in one beer, not a pitcher. During dinner one of them asks Twa about my wedding ring, she explains I am married and have a daughter. I pull out the camera and show a picture of our daughter Chloe (see photo on left). Everyone agrees she is pretty and is a little perplexed about her skin color. I’m thinking, dear lord, this is feeling like the beginning of a lot of online translation needed. I can still see wheels turning in everyone’s brain, So I take a drink of beer and find a picture of my wife Mollie and I (see photo on right).

They pass my phone all around with lots of talking. I sit quietly waiting for the next comment. The oldest son, translates on phone while pointing at picture of my wife, “Where is her husband?” Ok, it’s on, let’s see how this plays out. I type back on his phone, “She is MY wife”. Much more lively conversation around the table, a couple of points to my tattoos (like they are thinking, oh of course, it all makes sense now, lol.)

The table seems to come to a consensus and return two words on the phone, “She’s pretty!” Then everyone breaks into smiles and goes back to talking and eating. Just one more reason I know this trip is absolutely perfect.

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