CRI Instructors conducting Urban Self Defense Training

CRI Counter Terrorism Training School is doing what they can to help and empower the citizens of Nevada.

On Saturday October 21, CRI offered two FREE Urban Self Defense & Situational Awareness classes to anyone ages 10 & up.

Here are 5 quick tips to protecting yourself and staying safe:

Situation Awareness. Be conscious of your surroundings and who around looks suspicious or could potentially be a threat. This alone could make the difference between becoming a victim of an attack. Keep in mind, most assailants are looking for the perfect target. If they see you notice them, you are less likely to become their easy score.

Run, Escape, Call for Help. If you don’t have to fight and can walk or run away from a situation, do so. Get away from the threat as fast as possible and head into a store, restaurant, or any immediate safe place.

Fight Dirty. If you have to fight, fight dirty. Surviving the only focus at this point. Use any means necessary to stay alive and protect yourself or your loved ones. Let the attacker know they chose the wrong person and make them regret they chose you.

Do Not Take the Fight to the Ground (Especially with Multiple Attackers). Stay on your feet during the fight. You’ll have a better chance of surviving by running away when the opportunity strikes or just have better angles of movement during the fight. The last thing you want is to be pinned down on the floor, especially if there’s more than one attacker.

Distract, Isolate and Disarm the Assailant. This requires training but you can distract the attacker by pleading with them, acting fearful and very scared (which won’t be too hard to do) and then you can strike when least expected. CRI Counter Terrorism Training School is a great place to get this type of training.

Being prepared, having situational awareness and having the right training is crucial for survival. Don’t allow yourself to become an easy target for anyone.

For future training and possible courses, please contact CRI Counter Terrorism Training School at 702–222–3489 or visit us at

Stay Safe,

CRI Counter Terrorism Training School

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