Genre shaped boxes

Recently I read a beautiful short story, The Water that Falls on You from Nowhere by John Chu. This tale was the Winner of the 2014 Hugo Award for Best Short Story. See what you think of where it fits from the description below:

In the near future water falls from the sky whenever someone lies (either a mist or a torrential flood depending on the intensity of the lie). This makes life difficult for Matt as he maneuvers the marriage question with his lover and how best to “come out” to his traditional Chinese parents.

Speculative fiction, perhaps? Gay romance? Magical realism?

Unfortunately, arguments over where it fits seem to dominate reviews of what is a very well crafted tale with a unique concept.

Where content is interesting and well written, why should we care if genres are blended or blurred? Encouraging more diverse ideas is vital — in every aspect of our lives. Celebrating something for what is, rather than insisting it stay rigid in an arbitrary place, helps drive ideas forward.

The Water that Falls on You from Nowhere is well worth reading. To me it fits where all the best stories do, in my heart.

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