How I gave up drinking in the music industry (and survived)
Viv Fantin

Nice article. It is particularly poignant for me as I do quit drinking a little over a year and half ago. And like you, not because I drank uncontrollably. I wanted to be someone who could take or leave, but I kept gravitating back to a habit especially when cooking. I just found it easier to not drink at all vs trying to manage it to 1 or 2 drinks occasionally.

I miss it at times, but not really when I am in a group that is socially drinking. I miss it most in conjunction with dining. Even there, I don’t think about it in the moment. It is when I imagine a fine glass of wine just before or at dinner or when someone ask me if I will ever drink again. My response is always “maybe, I don’t know”.

The benefits have been tremendous. Most important to me, I no longer wake up in the middle of night with baseless anxiety.

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