On everything that is sacred to me, I swear that. I was on the point of leaving when I met him. Yes, I decided to go sailing around the world again, finding a sunny spot… and maybe settling… right before I met Neville Gaunt And frankly I still feel a strong desire to do so, hidden in one corner of my heart. I still don’t know exactly what made me change my mind, or perhaps I pretend I don’t know… but the plain and simple fact is that my plan changed.

Words are the higher means of communication among humans. But words live in the moment in which they are spoken. Words may give a sudden surge of emotion, they can give a brief moment of “consciousness” (to some)… then… they lapse back into silence.

“But a written word is forever”

Regardless of whether you read it or not. It’s an act of responsibility. First of all to ourselves, then to other people. Especially when words refer to fascinating, magnetic ideas, which contain the seed of “possibility” that resides within us all. That “possibility” to change things for the better. To change our lives for the better. That “possibility” that is increasingly removed from our hearts and minds by a System which would have us all unaccountable and passive in the face of what is going on today.

It’s literally a matter of responsibility.

Yes, responsibility, that’s what I’m talking about. That, I think, is the reason why I changed my mind when I met Neville Gaunt. Because he has a very strong sense of responsibility. The responsibility that we should all accept, including me and You, as feeling and thinking beings. A responsibility that should be above all a step backwards compared with our beliefs. A possibility of starting again from ourselves.

A possibility to decide what TO BE, through a 360-degree view, even before deciding what to do with our lives.

We will share with You some ideas; you will decide if you want to think about it, and deepen them. We will show you a possible route, and you will decide if you want to take it, and walk it, and maybe taking inspiration from it. After all, “travelling companions” cannot be imposed by decree, we must choose them.

The bad news is that I personally don’t have the final equation.

Mine is only a journey (from which I’m coming back, in a way). But it’s been a long journey, through the tortuous paths of soul, will, and challenges of life. Always looking ahead, always trying to help and understand the others. Because I understood myself when I understood the others. Without sacrificing my personality.

Some say that all those who truly want to make the world a better place are troublemakers. Maybe that’s what it is, and I am a troublemaker, for that matter. One who stirs up positive emotions and autonomous thought. I don’t look down on anyone. I never did it. At the same time, I think that independent thinkers are the heroes of our time. Those who have no desire to be led by lemmings.

I just want to point at a fresh start. You don’t necessarily have to agree with me. My contribution aims at stirring up, sharing and maybe having a common vision that covers the “Whole” containing us all. An attempt to be together and reach a new and positive awareness, which is now, in my view, more urgent than ever.

Someone once asked me: “Who’s a real leader?” — My answer was: “A real leader is first and foremost a leader of him/herself. Then, a true leader is someone who, without rhetoric, but with honest actions, frees people from boxes, puts them in conditions of bringing out the best in them, and delivers an extremely positive Vision — For common and individual progress”

Well, let me say, please, the first experiment is on Yourself.

You see, I finally understood something in life, and that’s how I got where I am now: the key is to develop a Can-Do attitude and a heightened sense of things, to see the right “colours” of life, not just those suggested by your ego, and make the most out of it, no matter what challenge you face — in your business, friendship, love, marriage, parenthood, interpersonal relationships, nature, sport, or community.

The difference between understanding more, and being more successful, is simply developing a crisp and clean vision of the interrelatedness of all things, developing the winning mental habits, (but not at the detriment of other people) through an inside-out coaching process that includes education, new experiences and advice, and fuels intrinsic motivation, immersion, and communication. It helps you find your purpose, and develop the best understanding and attitude whatever the context.

You know, when something inside you just snaps… and without any warning, the “sunshine” breaks through the dimness and lights up your mind.

That’s what I call a heightened sense of things, an overwhelmingly vivid mental understanding of what you’re doing, and what’s around you.

And this gives you a strong self-confidence, without turning it into complacency, quite the contrary, it makes you understand the world, it makes you realize where your heart belongs, what you want to be, and what you want to do. It doesn’t make you want to be what you are not. But it makes you realize what you can really be, what you can really do, and what really matters. Without being a victim of circumstance, victim of fate.

If you reach this state of mind you wipe out fear. And you are free. FREE. Because fear cuts deeper than a sword in life.

I believe we are already in our tomorrow. With the technological rate of change only growing, it will be the self-directed creative leaders who are masters of their own lives who will thrive. Why? Because they will see the whole as well as the parts, and will know how to draw out the right interconnections, and the highest forms of motivation and flow from themselves, as well as the people around them.

That’s what we want to do. That’s what we have here in front of us. A bold mission.

We want to help people in any walk of life, and people of any age achieve their dreams through offering them the tools and resources to inspire them, and put them in the best condition to get there. To help you create a new vision of yourself, and your life.

Diactica is all these things and much more…

All your comments are particularly welcome! Thank you.

Massimo is Co-Founder CEO of Diactica

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