3 Reasons a CRM Is Perfect for Your Contact Center

Your contact center is not just about solving customer problems. It is about delivering delightful customer experiences, that in turn, motivate people to talk and (socialize) about your products or services.

Thus, it is crucial that your equip your contact center agents with the right tool, the best CRM software.

The three reasons why CRM is the right one:

1. Single powerful platform
You may assume that niche products catering for separate functions will result in faster productivity. This is wrong. For example, you may use separate systems for offering voice, video and mobility; another one for enhancing workforce productivity and yet another one for servicing customers. The result of this is disparate customer journeys filled with potholes that drain prospects. It also brings in rigidity in an increasingly flexible customer channels.

Instead, implementing a single powerful platform with Contact Center CRM will seamlessly integrate multiple systems in a single window. Contact center executives will no longer have to hop between systems to solve customer issues and capture interactions. No matter the engagement channel, they will have access to a single window for complete access to customer information. this will help in faster issue resolution with greater accuracy.

2. Integrated reporting
Reports should be clear, concise and available in a single click. Legacy systems does the opposite. Management had to navigate in multiple systems to generate reports that they couldn’t make head or tail off, usually in a single format. Generate multi dimensional and visually comprehensive reports with pre-filled data through CRM solutions. Save time and deduce insights with minimal brainstorming.

3. Self-service platform
A customer wants to feel empowered. Implementing a self service platform in one way to do it. Applying to new policies online, updating KYC information can all be done by the customer themselves. They have the option for manual assistance when needed. This significantly reduce service overheads and turnarounds, workloads etc. You can even deploy win back strategies for dropped carts. This will result in higher conversions with minimal efforts and costs.

Customers are demanding multi channel engagement with your contact center through complete CRM solutions. With the help of contact center CRM, you can provide a friction-less service with instant fulfillment, thus blazing industry service standards.

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