How to reward passionate fans of your business

A strong customer loyalty program powered in your CRM solution will help to retain customers and get many referrals. Below is a rundown of simple and inexpensive ways you can grow customer loyalty by accordingly rewarding loyal fans:

  1. Develop an early-access program

The tech giant, Google, usually offers a select group of fans, an exclusive early access pass to products and events. Such an act goes a long way to make customers feel that they are part of something exclusive, thus, helping to build trust and loyalty. Many other big companies give loyal customers exclusive access to new products or services that haven’t been officially launched or that are not yet open to the public. You can also set up a similar program that prompts loyal fans to sign up so as to be the first to hear about the release of new products and services.

2. Organize special events for passionate fans

You want the whole town to excitedly and admiringly talk about your business for a whole week or more? Then invite loyal customers who have proven their worth (finding out from CRM software) to a special business event where you spread your firm’s positive goodwill. There is a whole range of events you can organize- organize a charity event in support of a local community, hold a discount event at your branches, or celebrate a holiday event. You may permit the invited customers to come with their friends and family. Doing all this will kill two birds with one stone: first, it will reward loyal customers and secondly, it will give your company the exposure it needs.

3. Hand out referral bonus for recruiting new customers

You don’t need to do something lavish or expensive for customers who help in recruiting new customers- the small bonus or discount is a good enough incentive for loyal customers who refer your business to friends and their family members. Depending on the comprehensiveness of the referral program, you can make the reward program more structured so as to keep rewarding customers on a continual basis.

Clearly outline the rules of your program so that there isn’t an iota of confusion, and then ensure you keep promoting the reward program both in-store and online.

4. Really listen to customer feedback

You may underrate seeking customer feedback, but the act usually has a positive effect upon the respondents as it makes them feel special and valued. It is a reward. The customer will know that you value their opinion and will do everything possible to improve their experience with your firm.

Once you do all these, you’ll have a passionate client base with whose help you can extend your business reach.

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