Hello friends. Long time, no speak. This summer has been ~intense~ and I’ve not felt much like writing. So I’m taking a different tack, a. The style is definitely more ‘work diary’ than my usual reflections, but hey if it gets me back in the habit again I will bear the somewhat clunky sentence construction for now :)


I took today off to recover from the weekend’s escapades. I try to do this every time I have a contest to make give myself some space for the inevitable adrenaline crash. Saturday was quite simply extraordinary. …

When we launched our platform in May there was an implicit understanding amongst our team that we would take time to pause, to reflect and learn from our experiences, give ourselves a little space to recover and take a breath before starting anew in September.

Next week is September. Next week is September. (Screams inside).

I do not feel recovered, far from it. The team is in good shape, the product is performing well, but I feel pretty crummy.

On Monday we start a new phase of development and there is some unbelievably awesome stuff in the pipeline which should make a real and visible difference to our residents’ experiences of interacting with their Council, and I so excited to share that with the world… but I also feel a lingering sense of dread because I know it will mean stepping up the pace again, and I don’t know how much more winding up I can reasonably manage before I make myself ill. …

Hello friends. ’Tis that time again, can you believe it? Someone asked me this week why I write these notes and share them on the internet, and there are many reasons why I find this practice helpful, one of which being that it prevents the weeks from slipping away without pause for thought. So while it seems frightfully soon to be writing again I am glad to be doing so.


  • This week I started training our ICT technicians on our new platform, leading three introductory sessions on the main user journeys and expected system behaviours. Although it is only the first step in what will be much longer handover period, I feel a tremendous sense of relief in sharing some of my knowledge and system support responsibilities. I’ve been pushing myself in recent months to keep working even though my body is screaming at me to take a holiday, because I’ve been so conscious that I am one of very few people who knew the system well enough to fix issues, and I can now look forward to an extended bank holiday weekend off knowing it is in safe hands. …


Coco Chan

#LocalGov Delivery Manager. Writing mostly #weeknotes. Tweet at @_crmzchan_

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