A Female University Students in China May Borrow Money From Loan Companies with Nude Selfie as IOU

A Nude IOU. Born in 1993 according to her ID.

Lots of startups appeared in China since last year(2015) which aim their target to the loan market for university students.

Young people may not have good personal economic plan. Some borrowing rates of loans is much higher than usual, but students don’t know about that. Sometimes they just want a thousand to buy a new cell phone. Finally the parents have to pay the debets for their children when receiving phone calls from the companies because kids really don’t have any income.

And tragedies happens of course. Some of students borrowed money not just for a cell phone or a computer. They used the money to attend illegal gambling online or buy lotteries.

Once there was a man who stole his classmates’ personal information(like ID number or student card number) to register users on the website these load companies, to borrow more money on their behalves. Finally he lost all the money, it’s a huge amount around half of a million, and killed himself.

The last SMS sent to his parents before he suicided. ”I’m so sorry dad and mom. It’s too hard to live…Just leave my body here after I die, don’t come here for me. It’s too embarrassing for you…”

At the same time lots of companies went bankrupt because of running out of money but nothing returned. Students and their parents just didn’t care about their social credit history at all. Unlike traditional usury companies, they cannot come to your house to threaten you because all deals are placed online, students come from all over the country!

Then game’s changing.

With all the suiciding tragedies and companies broken ups, there’re new companies start to lend large amount money to students. But, only female ones.

It’s called Nude IOU. Take a nude selfie with your national ID on your hand, with all private parts of your body exposing. Then you will get about 5,000 or higher. If you cannot return the money on time then they will post your photo to your family, then your friends if your family doesn’t wanna pay, and your school’s BBS, and porn sites.

Nude IOU.
Messages between a student and a loan company. ”Naked body with your ID on your hand, for 5 thousand.”

What about the borrowing rate? From 10% per month and up to 30% per week. It’s about 5–20 times to the bank rate!

Screenshots they provided to the buyers. A photo is sold $5 to porn sites or personal buyers if the girl cannot pay back on time.
Screenshots they provided to the buyers. A photo is sold $5 to porn sites or personal buyers if the girl cannot pay back on time.

Then how many people will do it for a 5,000 loan? Really A Lot. And there're many online chat groups talking about this kind of loan.

Public notice from a QQ(An IM software like Facebook Messenger) chat group.”Coming Soon! Tomorrow midnight! All mosaics removed and videos out until tomorrow midnight if she can’t pay back! Come on and wait! From Global Movie Corp👠.”