iPad as MIDI Controller in a Static Programming Set-Up

In yesterday’s blog post, I began an explanation of two possible methods to create a set-up using MainStage. Today’s post is about using the iPad as a midi controller to jump to assigned patches.The software I am using for this includes:

On the iPad, open PadMIDI, edit the buttons with names you’re looking to assign to them. In my case, I’m only using four pads. For my own purposes, I renamed all unused buttons as “Empty”.

Open an instance of MainStage3. Again, for my purposes, I’m doing a simple keyboard set-up with four buttons. To easily assign the buttons, once they’re added in Layout Mode, highlight the button, and press “Assign” in the left hand column. The button will be outlined in red and will be listening for the signal from the iPad.

If MainStage does not respond when the button is pressed, hard close out of the apps on the iPad and open again. Once all four buttons have been assigned to their corresponding buttons on the iPad, it’s time to assign the action. For this, return to the Edit mode and highlight the concert in the left hand column. In the select a button in the center, then select “Action”>”Jump to Patch”. Button On and Button Off to be the corresponding patch you want the current button to direct to.

That’s it! You now have an iPad to act as a MIDI controller for MainStage3!

In the future, I plan to purchase and use MIDI Designer Pro. This appears to be a completely customizable MIDI interface.

Originally published at www.crobertsmusic.com.