Interview Reflection

Through the interview project I ended up learning a lot about Oscar. I was not only able to learn a little bit about his mindset and worldview through my questions, but I also learned more about him through conversation. I found out that his answers were very similar to mine if I had answered the questions myself. For example, the question, “What is the purpose of self expression?” was explained as, “A way to let others know how you feel about yourself”. I like the way he worded this because it shows how people express their “outside” in a similar way to how their “inside” feels. One question that spurred a conversation was, “If religion is about morals, why does it cause wars?” Oscar was reluctant to answer this question, which was fair. The question by nature is very loaded, and we both realized this and agreed to move on without answering it. Most of our conversation occurred after the line of questioning was over. I feel like we got into a rhythm of answering each others questions and it started to seem a little too formal. I realized that I knew nothing about my partner so we started to talk about where we are living this year. I learned that we are both sophomores but we live on opposite sides of campus. I’m happy that we got to ask questions in class today because through questions come answers, and through answers we begin to see the story.