Public Market

After a bus ride gone south (literally), a begrudging Uber ride, and a fashionably late entrance to the Milwaukee Public Market, I was ready for Advertising class. Today, I was tasked with interviewing a vendor at the Public Market. The Public Market is a two floored building with shops and chairs in the first level and more seating on the top level. On the ground floor there are quite the assortment of shops and places to eat. Sushi, cheese, ice cream, apparel, candy, baked goods, and spirit shops are snugly bound together. When I walked in, there were shoppers galore, and the place seemed very lively with conversation.

I immediately got to work because I was late to the party. I remembered that I would be needing to talk to a vendor in order to fulfill my interview requirement. Yikes. After I got over the jitters of talking to a stranger, I walked up to Xavier’s booth. Xavier works as a cashier at Brew City, a t-shirt shop nestled in the corner of the market. He seemed to be about my age and I learned that he is from Milwaukee. He told me that he was relatively new to the market, as he has only been working at Brew City for three weeks. That made my next question a little less groundbreaking than I wanted it to be because when I asked him what the weirdest thing he has experienced at the market, he looked around the corner and said, “that big pumpkin”.

The big pumpkin

The pumpkin is also an example of the change that Xavier saw in the market since he started working. He said that they had decorated that market for the Thanksgiving holiday. Xavier described the Market being pretty hectic and that he has been used to getting, “a whole lot of business”. During my interview a customer picked out a cheese themed shirt that read, “Make America Grate Again” and Xavier later told me that the shirt was their best selling product. Kind of cheesy if you ask me.

Xavier ringing up a customer

As I wrapped up the electric interview I asked Xavier what is the most rewarding part of his job? He explained that, “Helping people find what they want gives me some satisfaction.” I thanked him and walked away. It was only then I realized that I should return the favor and I looked for a shirt to buy. I asked Xavier where the grey “Good Land” Milwaukee shirts were. He showed me its location and the look on his face was pure, unadulterated, satisfaction.

Good Land Gif

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