An Open Letter to John Hanke & Niantic
Yang Liu

Quote: “The game was simply too unbearable to play in its current state”

Wow, that reeks of a sense of entitlement from a lazy generation with no work ethic. It is “unbearable” that you actually walk around and catch things in the wild? The radar is not a necessity to play the game. It is still fun without the radar. You can go to water sources and know you’ll get Magikarp w/o a radar. You can go to certain parks where others have reported unique pokemon and get those there. I can play the game and have an extremely fun time without using tools like PokeVision or the radar feature. I think you are missing the point of the game. It takes a little work, curiosity and heaven forbid — some walking on your part. Looking up the answers on a map, and then just driving to them seems like you are wanting an entirely different game than the creators intended. Quit whining about this game and make your own then.

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