An Open Letter to John Hanke & Niantic
Yang Liu

“We saw Pokevision as a stop gap to this — and we had every intention in closing it down the minute that Pokemon Go’s own tracker restored functionality.” — yeah, riiiiiight.

It’s just a game dude, get over it. This is not as important as you think it is. Play the game as it is presented, or don’t play at all. It’s that easy. It is 100% up to Niantic to give/take away whatever they like. They own the product, not you. This letter shows a lack of understanding about how product management works within a software development company. It is not necessarily a “bad” thing if players are frustrated. That can work to the product’s advantage, and I guarantee you, Niantic has already been through all this with Ingress, so they know how to work the public to their advantage.

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