Scrap yarn granny square goodness

I have not always been a devotee of the granny square, but in 2010, in an effort to put my yarn scraps to good use, I got it in my head that a granny square would be the perfect vehicle to use the many scraps that had accumulated over the previous 12 years since I had learned to crochet.

With only the vaguest idea of what I would do, and how I would do it, I got out my scraps and a hook, and set to work with a brown yarn called, appropriately enough, warm brown.

Bored with the brown, I got out the brightest scraps I had and attempted to transform what I regarded at the time, as an inauspicious beginning. In an effort to remedy what I experience as an overwhelming neutral, I used turquoise and purple and yellow and green and red and orange yarn scraps the early result of which, was this:

Scrap yarn granny square

The square, it seemed, had taken on a life of it’s own — it was vibrant and alive, much more than the sum of its parts — the small bits of yarn that I had diligently untangled so they could be used in the granny square had taken on a life of their own, and combinations and juxtapositions that had given me pause as I worked them, came to life.

Seven years have passed since I began this square and the last time I pulled it out to photograph it, it looked like this:

There are, to be sure, quite a few ends to still be woven in, and while I cannot imagine it, one day, this square will be done.

The ends will be woven in, I will wash it in warm soapy water to clean away the pet hair and dirt, and then it will be done, and I will move onto the next thing.