What I learned from dating a female narcissist
Duncan Riach, Ph.D.

I think your narcissist is a psychopath. According to pieter hintjen’s book, psychopath code, social humans have predatory emotions, social emotions, family emotions, and defense emotions.

Psychopaths have only predatory emotions that are expressed without restraint toward other people.

It is difficult for social people to feel predatory emotions toward other people without restraint.

She was probably saying “You’re emotionally abusing me!” to force you to take responsibility for mistakes that you didn’t make and compensate her in some ways including financial compensation. To understand their intentions, you have to follow power and money. Because they are professional liars, unless you have accumulated documents proving their violations of social rules, you might actually have to give them money.

This was basically a mechanism for witch hunt. Psychopaths targeted old defenseless women who had some non-zero wealth to kill them and steal money from them. Old women didn’t have enough stamina and physical power to resist vigorous social attacks called witch hunts.

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