Google has announced their mission for a more secure internet.

Currently almost half of US sites are not secure and Google is amping up the warning signs in Chrome to protect users. Other browsers will follow. This month Google is increasing their warning notifications.

Non-HTTPS sites, the S being Secure

Voice: the original Human Interface

Isn’t it interesting, how we have become numb to the awesome impact that voice user interface (VUI) will have?

Consider how unnatural and cumbersome traditional technology input methods have been, when compared to “interfacing” with another person using voice.

To illustrate: imagine a conversation between two people.

Now re-imagine that conversation, restricted to current technology-style interfaces.

What are you left with, after removing voice?

For hand input- (analogous to…

Case Study: Marki Microwave

Success Story: Custom Integration Without Compromise

By integrating three previously separate systems, CDLLC delivered a platform that offers the highest quality experience for Marki Microwave in their drive to offer an uncompromising and secure customer experience while maintaining the flexibility to self-manage custom website aesthetic features bringing together form and…

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