Voice branding is “the equivalent of yet-to-be-discovered Malibu beachfront property, much like Twitter in 2006, Instagram in 2010 and Snapchat in 2012.”

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From the author: “20 percent of all mobile search queries are voice search, and that number will only go up.”

CDLLC will get your brand positioned for voice.


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Google has announced their mission for a more secure internet.

Currently almost half of US sites are not secure and Google is amping up the warning signs in Chrome to protect users. Other browsers will follow. This month Google is increasing their warning notifications.

Non-HTTPS sites, the S being Secure, will continue the trend of showing increasingly alarming indications of non-security. Previously the warnings were discreet; users had to click over the information symbol to get to the security notice. Now the website warnings in the address bar will include the notice that the connection is, “Not secure.”

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Where we were: Something along the lines of, “Oh, hey, BTW. You are submitting information over a non secure connection. Be cautious.” Where we are now: “Your information is NOT secure.” And how we like to imagine a hypothetical future of alarmist warnings… “RUN AWAY!!!”

In the the first part of this series, I spoke about the natural inevitability of speech as a primary method for interfacing with technology. I painted a picture of how absurd human interaction would be if limited to the traditional methods available for interacting with technology.

The flip-side of the ridiculous example from part 1 is “normal” human communication. Rich human-to-human interaction is done primarily with voice, and augmented with body language like facial expression and gestures. (The only way to go deeper into rich human interaction is to begin to consider shared experience and culture, which is way beyond the scope of current AI. …

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Speech: the original Human Interface

In the previous post, I talked about the absurdity of old-style user interface, by painting a picture of two humans trying to “interface” with one another using only touch/type input or “bad” voice command.

Old tech UI, if used human-to-human, would look like a cross between a bad game of charades and pre-lingual cave people relaying information…. Catch-Phrase game night at the Homo Habilis family dwelling.

Now (today), from my perspective as a multi-modal VUI developer (that’s a fancy way of saying voice/touch/audio/video apps), I’m surprised that mainstream users aren’t more amazed by the current capabilities of simple voice command and complex speech recognition. …

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Voice: the original Human Interface

Isn’t it interesting, how we have become numb to the awesome impact that voice user interface (VUI) will have?

Consider how unnatural and cumbersome traditional technology input methods have been, when compared to “interfacing” with another person using voice.

To illustrate: imagine a conversation between two people.

Now re-imagine that conversation, restricted to current technology-style interfaces.

What are you left with, after removing voice?

For hand input- (analogous to keyboard or touch screen) it would look something like a game of charades, ordering at a foreign restaurant, or pre-lingual cavemen. Lots of desperate pointing combined with emphatic facial and body expressions and gestures, BEGGING the other person to understand the speaker’s intent.

And so much frustration is felt when voice interfacing fails! Situations such as attempting to communicate with someone who speaks a different language… raising your voice trying to force the meaning and intent from your mind to the listener. …

Case Study: Marki Microwave

Success Story: Custom Integration Without Compromise

By integrating three previously separate systems, CDLLC delivered a platform that offers the highest quality experience for Marki Microwave in their drive to offer an uncompromising and secure customer experience while maintaining the flexibility to self-manage custom website aesthetic features bringing together form and function while harnessing performance and usability.

The Client: Marki Microwave

Marki Microwave is a global leader in the RF and Microwave technology field servicing clients in the aerospace, defense, and commercial spheres.

With a long standing history of providing superior quality in technology and thought-leadership to a demanding industry their client services have to be unfaltering. …


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