What I leant as a long distance runner

To be great and successful over the long term . You need Consistency , persistence , balance and love to reach the finish line.

You don’t run fast wanting to beat everyone or competitors.

Just go at your steady pace or growth but what matters is you keep moving no matter what .

Because once you make up your mind to give up , everyone now and then you will stop to rest .

And you will regret it when you see everyone else far ahead and you know deep inside you could have been there with them but you chose to give up.

At least when they reach the finish line they do stop , that’s how long distance running is .

But In life. , it is a never ending process with no rest till you die .( my idea of finish line in life )

You keep running and running . Whether you crawl or jump or hop or whatever tactics you use ( just make sure no one is harmed or you cheat) , what matters is you keep moving forward.

Help others along the way to move too , but don’t stop just because they want you to .

Provide them with the support they need to keep running .

Share your resources

Also try to balance your resources along the way , because you wouldn’t want to satisfy short desires for the long term benefits .

Try to balance between using what is needed and being mindful and not wasteful of resources .

Enjoy the moment . Be present in the race . Forget the past . Have fun .

Enjoy the environment and use it to your strength.

Grab some fruits ( fun and enjoyment )along the race but don’t stop to grab or eat the fruit .

Great leaders and entrepreneurs know how to grab and eat- as they run.