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To my network and beyond, please make space #MondayMorning to discuss what is going on in our streets, particularly if you’re in a leadership position. Your action/inaction will be judged.

I grew up in economically challenged neighborhoods. I received various forms of government assistance. I experience racial tension in acute ways. I know what it’s like to struggle, and to overcome. What is happening right now is a culmination of economic, social, and political factors. It’s racism.

As members of society, as business leaders, we cannot ignore this. We cannot ignore the mental toll and toxic stress that is affecting our employees, colleagues, friends, family, and human brothers and sisters. …

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In a perfect world, we should not need technology to be healthy — our local communities would effortlessly create opportunities for healthy living. If we happened to be diagnosed with something that could be mediated by lifestyle, these factors, alongside social determinants of health would be addressed by the communities that were originally designed to promote getting outdoors, walking about, finding locally grown food, interacting with people, easily accessing care, and more.

The reality is many of our communities are inadequately addressing these needs, and for better or worse consumer technology is all around us. It’s time to examine how to harness technologies that provide experiences that makes us happier and healthier. …


Carlos Rodarte

Building resilience through imagination & technology. Husband, father, founder, health exec, and amateur gardener.

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