Does the Russian Air Force Even Know What Is Going On in Syria?
War Is Boring

Or is absolutely not interested in major changes. The case is that everytime Russia needed something -> encirclement of Aleppo, it happened. Driving out Islamist to a safe range from their Airport -> happend. Freeing Palmyra -> happened.

What I miss in this article is the political part of the war. The Russian “waring” is different. If the correct time comes objects will be taken, the battlefield is imho the minor part for Russia, the geopolitical one is the major battlefield. You can’t simply overthrow the majorities on the battlefield in a proxy war. A proxy war goes after different rules.

It is not a military decision to do so, it is political.

The same with “military asks Putin to restart airstrikes on Syria”. Srsly who really believes that this information is geniuos, never ever would this happen in Russia publically. Every kind of information you get through the official Russian channels are part of the “public relation policy”.